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1st Dec 2010, 2:08 AM

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Well, I finally posted Comic Four! (Let's hope it's not death. :P) I got the motivation to do this because I am a proud member of the Webcomic Stick Figure Alliance. They have a forum. Anyway, because of them, I got the motivation to resume R, possibly Q, with a little touch-ups. I'm going to try and separate the two as much as possible. Q-->Random, R-->Storyline. More than that, Q-->Redrawn every time, everything, R-->Only Redrawn when necessary; use Copy & Paste. (Both still take around the same amount of time to finish.) So, I'll try not to talk about Q so much in R. (Let's just say that the Q strips might be getting some similar renovations to R, keeping the dialog as bad as it is.)

Anyway, I'm back, and should begin to work on 5. With luck, it won't take me over a year to do. :P

(By the way, I know people hate it [that I'm advertising and begging], but really, I have no clue if people like my comics or not without comments. I tend to get lethargic for webcomics which have no love. :( )


...Well, I DO have Comic 4 done, rest assured. However, I simply haven't had the chance to update it, yet. Also, if you pay attention to Q, you'll know that R is becoming storyline-based, as opposed to random. This takes time to plan out--which I have begun doing, by the way. There are other issues, though. More so than Q, R needs to be a managable size, because it's story-based and a story-based comic needs to be readable with great ease. Which means, I'd need to find a way to make the comic more...compressed. I'm still bouncing ideas through my head. (Scale it down, move to multiple lines, etc.) And, of course, being story-based, I need a good site layout. Since I've had more experience with webcomics on this site, now, I think I can get around to improving the layout, here.

Also, the characters. I once gave them each names......really, really BAD names, because they were completely random. The main two were original, but bothersome, the ones after that are...less original, more cheesy, cliche, etc. Not something I'd like to exactly go by. However, with R becoming storyline-based, I mighr have no choice but to start calling them by their names. Which will be highly annoying, I can tell you. Quite personally, I prefer "Lightning User" and "Wind User" to *insert bad names here*. Then there's the time involved. R takes LESS time than Q, but not by much. I'm not remaking everything every comic (Like Q did and will continue to do, only more consistent), but the positioning is a killer. Certain art aspects are hard to keep consistent. Additionally, it takes me forever to find the right letters. Often, I'll take short-cuts and copy from the original comic (also providing some sentimental value), modifying the letters there as needed instead of using the more well-established versions, which I have to track down.

As you can tell, there's a lot of work to be done, but I think it would be worth it, if the ultimate goal of making R (and Q, for that matter) a respectable webcomic (instead of random junk made years ago) is successful. Still, this is a super-hard goal, because...well, R and Q are old. Q's my oldest, and R's something like my third or fourth. The quality involved is...not very high. To make it higher, that's a very difficult task. Especially with Stick Figures. Very few people working with Stick Figures alone can make a good, solid comic. It doesn't matter if it still takes hours to make; people will look at it and say, "Oh, stick figures, this guy must be cheap and have no artistic skills." Or something along those lines. To overcome this quite the challenge.


Right. So if you're here, you've stumbled upon Comic Battle R. You're probably wondering, "What the Heck IS this thing?!?" Or maybe it's the great, "Why are you making this?"

Well, here's the place where I'll be putting my Comic Battle R (What, I thought it was clever at the time, okay? :P) Webcomic strips, at least, one of the locations. (I like branching out--the more places I have it, the more backups and the more attention I can gain. Now, why do I want the attention for work that's obviously not my best? Well, it's not so much the attention--see below for my reasons for writing these. It's actually a bit of a selfish goal, in that I really want to see my comics come up at the top of a google search, like many of the webcomics I read do. What? Why're you looking at me like that? You're making me feel guilty. >_> I didn't say it was a selfish goal for nothing, so stop treating me like it's something else already! >_< :P)

They're not the best humor-wise (not even for my amateur skills, and that says something! Not sure what, but it does... :P), they're a pain to read screenwidth-wise (I'm sorry. I really can't fix that without risking ruining the comic.), and their art is not the best (DUH. *STICK FIGURES*! :P), but I still enjoy writing/drawing/painting/digitalizing/what-the-heck-is-the-proper-word-for-drawn-in-MS-Paint?-izing it the most of all my webcomics.

Quite simply, it's because I want to. I enjoy making these comics. They're for MY entertainment. I find some humor in reading a few of them (not all, though), and can find myself somewhat in awe of the art from time to time. But mainly, I enjoy taking the time, hours--even DAYS--to create them. It doesn't take much skill, but it takes time, and I try to make the time wasted...well, fun.

Why so long for something so simple? They are all done in MSPaint. Freakin' Most Basic Program Out There constantly used as an insult, MSPaint. I don't use any other tools. (Okay, so I hand-draw Earth, but I intend to use MSPaint for the colored in version, so it still counts! ...Technically. Hence, I do everything in Paint.) "Hey, Brian!" What? "If you seem to hate it so much, why do you keep on taking pride in using it?"

Oh, that? Well, quite simply, people expect things from MSPaint to be...bad. Of course, they're normally right. Which is why I tell people, to make sure they're aware of just how basic it is. If they find themselves IMPRESSED by my work, they'll be stunned when they learn it's in MSPaint. So, why NOT say I use MSPaint? If I write/draw something which is bad, it lets them know to be expecting it. If I draw something GOOD, it allows them to appreciate it even MORE. If there's a down-side, I am blinded to it.

I'm not afraid to admit that I use MSPaint. Quite simply, I EXPECT people to hate my work, to dislike it, to call it junk. And I don't mind. I write/draw them for my own entertainment, after all, and if others don't share my sense of humor, dislike whatever plot I have, and/or hate the quality of my work...well, that's fine. But somewhere, someone who sees it will like it, anyway. And it's for those people that I post the comic. (And, of course, 'cause I'm selfish and wanna see my work show up on google searches. :P) It's simple to draw, in a simple program, as simple as it gets.

Yet even then, these things DO take time. I know. It seems easy. Stick figure art? Surely, that takes five minutes to throw together! Yea, well, a bit of a newsflash for ya: I have another webcomic of mine, called In Real Life. (What? I thought it was a good name at the time [noticing a trend, here? :P], okay? STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!!! CRITICIZING MY GENERIC NAME CHOICES FOR COMICS! :P) IRL uses nothing but copy and paste with minor edits, and the text feature in paint. It still takes an hour minimum, sometimes up to three. Double comics can even take me five.

Comic Battle R does not do that. It copies and pastes, yea, all the time, really, but it takes time for it to piece together. The only Fonts which support the style of text I use are called "done from scratch" and "copy-and-pasted text". I can't type out the words in Comic Battle R like I can in IRL. I can copy the stick figures, yea. But their positioning changes from comic to comic. I can copy and paste bundles of letters and words from previous Comic Battle strips to get what I need for dialog, sure. But placing those in the correct order, to have a functioning dialog, takes TIME.

The quickest R comic I completed took three days, working a few hours per day. Okay, that doesn't sound like much, but cut me some slack; I don't keep track of the time I work on the comics, okay. Never really seemed necessary. GREAT JOB, BRIAN, FOR YET AGAIN NOT DOING SOMETHING TO HELP YOUR POINT; THAT WILD GUESS *REALLY* MAKES YOU LOOK BETTER! (I should name that Cap Voice 'cause I like using it a lot to bash myself. :P)

It's not as easy as it looks, trust me on that. Don't take it for granted. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who tries to make a webcomic...will realize just how much time it will consume. I don't care if you do it by hand, or what program you are using, or how good you are. You can be a professional or an amateur, but still, there's no quick-'n'-easy webcomic. And then, try limiting yourself. Try using MSPaint. Even I get frustrated by certain aspects.

MSPaint can do some amazing things...but they take time. Not to mention, while MSPaint can do a great many things people often do not think it CAN do, there ARE some things it can NOT do. Compensating for MSPaint's disadvantages might be annoying and it might not be, but it certainly will eat up time. If you don't respect the comic, if you don't respect me, then please at least try to respect how much time I've put into them and not go shouting "Liar!" when I say that these take time and effort?

(Alright, so I can exaggerate from time to time. But I can also tone it down to be LESS than what actually happened, too. My point is that I'll never intentionally lie. There is no greater insult to me than questioning my word. At least online, I have the belief of "My Honor is My Life" and all that. If I don't want to say something, I won't say it. I won't go on lying. So, keep that in mind.)

And, to think, this stage is the EASIER section. Up until Seventeen, these comics will all be rewritten versions of Comic Battle Q (AKA, The Original Comic Battle, Comic Battle Prototype, etc.). This means that I've already done all through Sixteen once ALREADY. Doing them again is somewhat simpler than it would be otherwise. Yet even that can take DAYS to even WEEKS working on it EVERY DAY for HOURS. Imagine what doing it with no previous reference material will take...

Well, let's just say there's a good reason my update schedule is "once per year". I have it in R, and I have it in Q. Speaking of Comic Battle Q, let's do a little advertising--You can find it here.

Obviously, R is a redone version of Q. This means they're extremely similar. However, they ARE different. Mainly, in their art. R uses the same images as often as possible. It tries to add consistency, that it has the same things. The same stick figures, the same dialog boxes, the same letters, you get the idea. Yet it also tries to preserve as much as Q in it as well. Adding to that, I add on occasion a few new elements as well not in there originally. The result is often a fairly decent blend between the two styles.

Another addition is time. In the original, I didn't really have much exposure to Trope material. Now, however, that has changed and now I make an effort to put in Loads and Loads of Tropes. ;)

The Final difference is plot. The original never was meant to have much of one. And what plot it DID have was extremely limited. Most of the encounters were random, and recurring characters were mainly villains.

Yet the new version will take a totally completely different direction. Around RD20, you'll note a change. (Mainly, the title itself. It goes from "DayX R" to "RDX".) It will have a continuous plot, which has the characters evolve over time. just Rewriting Comic Battle. To be Better. Stronger. (And Faster? :P) It's nothing more than that right now. Eventually? Yes, in the distant future, I will get more strips, more "days" that lead into a completely original comic separated from Q. But for now...well, it's just an upgrade, essentially.

Now that you know the basics, I hope you'll have as much fun reading Comic Battle R as I have drawing it! :)


(NOTE: !!!!RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!! I just spent well over an HOUR working on the advertising section. It well over tripled the size of the page, and to make up for it, I made a rather extended thank you. I put in a great amount of work into the jokes there, while also working hard to get the links right. And then I lost it. >_< Needless to say, I was rather upset. Seriously. It took me FOREVER to type some of that stuff. To hunt down the right links for my need. To get thinks juuuuuuuuuuust right.

...And then it was gone. I tried updating it, and it didn't succeed, so I lost EVERYTHING I had done in that time! Urge. To. Kill. Rising... [Or burn. Works just as well. Fire may not be as lethal, but it can be far, FAR more fun than out-right killing a person. :P] Ah, well. I've still got the fifteen or so tabs available, so I'll begin doing it again. Later. I need a break to cool down. Else I might *accidentally* burn something... :P [Have begun, but it'll take time.])

Now, the below I copied from Flikr with a little editing from here to here. The flikr links are now augmented, of course. The Flikr Links Might Be Broken, though. This is basically just one large Advertisement section for my comics. Sorry, but I need to do it for publicity, and all that. ;)

WARNING: SEVERE REPETITION WILL FOLLOW! Like, seriously. I think I might give the same link up to five times in a row, in case others are broken. I know, it's overkill, but hey, it also means that at least ONE of 'em will work! :P

Now, let's start with titles. Oh, boy. The titles. You might've noticed me dabling around calling it a few things.

But it's still officially Comic Battle R.

Others include...

Comic Battle (No R; ignoring the original completely.)

Comic Batle Redone. Comic Battle Revisited. Comic Battle Reenvisioned. Comic Battle Reinvented. Comic Battle Retweaked. Comic Battle Revised.

Comic Battle Rewritten.

...And that's just the R's that I remember. There's probably more; if you think there's another R that would be suiting, just let me know and I'll give ya full credit for it! ;)

Comic Battle Canon. Comic Battle Official. Official Comic Battle. Canonical Comic Battle. Canon Comic Battle. (Not to be confused with a "Cannon Comic Battle. A comedic battle with cannons. :P)--Less so, now that they're both actually different comics, and R isn't just a rebooted Q.

However, there's also the two variations.

Storm Fighters, And what I chose for the website name, Stormy Fighters. ...Which really does triple the list you just saw above. (Hey, I DID warn you! Umm...I did, right? Or did I do that in the, *beep*. Be right back...*edit* :P)

Storm Fighters.

Storm Fighters R.

Storm Fighters Redone. Storm Fighters Revisited. Storm Fighters Reenvisioned. Storm Fighters Reinvented. Storm Fighters Retweaked. Storm Fighters Revised.

Storm Fighters Rewritten.

Storm Fighters Canon. Storm Fighters Official. Official Storm Fighters. Canonical Storm Fighters. Canon Storm Fighters.

Stormy Fighters. <--Name of the website for a reason, you know. If I wasn't so sentimental about "Comic Battle", then guess what the name of the series would be? Yup, Stormy Fighters. Now, I used "Comic Battle" for the original, so I didn't think calling the website "comicbattler" would work out the way I intended. Capitals and spaces are VERY important, you see. :P I like this name more than the "Storm Fighters", 'cause "Storm Fighters" can be interpreted as FIGHTING the storm, while "Stormy Fighters" cannot. This is also the nickname I gave the heroes. As, well, face it, that's what they use. They harness the power of storms to obliterate their enemies via massive overkill. :P

Stormy Fighters R.

Stormy Fighters Redone. Stormy Fighters Revisited. Stormy Fighters Reenvisioned. Stormy Fighters Reinvented. Stormy Fighters Retweaked. Stormy Fighters Revised.

Stormy Fighters Rewritten.

Stormy Fighters Canon. Stormy Fighters Official. Official Stormy Fighters. Canonical Stormy Fighters. Canon Stormy Fighters.

...And I *believe* that's all the names I had in mind. Might've been more. (Definitely not less, though. :P) And all this spam before I give a single link... :P

The first strip in the webcomic, Day One (of course), has a rather lengthy ramble on it. You can see the ramble here.
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Another to check out would be College. You can find the set here. Now has a ComicFury version!

Also, Another to check out would be my Hand-Drawn Comic, Earth. There's a link, right here.

That's all I have humor-wise, but I do have other sets as well. Other things I highly recommend browsing include Hand-Drawn, and "Weapons". Many of both (along with several others) can also be found on Miscellaneous Madness

And that is all. Thank you for your time. You have no idea how satisfying it is to have someone read these. I know they're long, I know the rambles are epic and unnecessarily long. But that only means that I gain even more respect for those who read all the way through. (Not so much for those who skip. All they get are adds for Flikr pages. HA! Take that, ya lousy shortcuts! :P)